Master Class in ARUN Conscious Touch for Rebalancers / Healing Spirit Retreat

This residential "Master Class" is created for the Dutch Rebalancing Association, but it is also open to advanced ARUN Conscious Touch students...(Remember, Anubuddha was chosen by Osho in 1980 to help create Osho Rebalancing, and he was one of the main contributors to creating and teaching it for the 1st 12 years). This will be a chance to go deep into "Touch as a Meditation")

This Meditative “Touch-based” Healing Spirit Retreat is an invitation to imbibe a whole new quality of inner and outer touch~ the invisible transforming touch of love and awareness.

This is an intensive meditative and healing experience suitable for all trained Rebalancers and advanced ARUN Conscious Touch practitioners who want to deepen their awareness of meditation, graceful movement, conscious eating, and the alchemical art of the loving, healing touch.

Highlights of our multidimensional immersion will include:

Learning the essence of ARUN Conscious Touch as an “inter-active” Meditation and a Healing Art.

Each day you will learn new secrets of how to use your touch to promote health, restore flexibility, as a catalyst for Body, Mind, Heart, Soul relaxation, subtle sensitivity, and even more important, as a door to expanded Consciousness.

Freedom from pain and cultivation of vibrant health

We will share many meditative insights that you can use to transform your attitude and experiencing of tension, pain, and disease. Learn how to be more sensitive, vibrant, positive, loving, and healthy ~ no matter what age or condition you are presently in.

The “Invisible Touch of Love & Awareness”

is related to the also “invisible 6th Sense” of our inner perceptions... and they both need to be consciously developed and nurtured.Bio-energy (Chi- or Ki energy) is a more inner consciousness of the Life flowing inside of us - the 5 Senses, (of which we will also share many ways of enhancing) are more preceptors of energy and Life outside of us. To utilize our 6th & 7th senses, and to help these invisible organs to grow and expand, we need to look in. and sometimes “not be distracted” by our 5 senses, mind, or emotions...

The loving, supportive, and meditative atmosphere of this ARUN Healing Spirit Retreat will allow this inner shift to happen organically for us all.

Every ARUN Conscious Touch Meditation Experience is unique~ weekend seminars, Retreats, Training Intensives, or Individual ARUN Touching Meditations~and each is designed to support you in having the direct and personal experience of your Human Body as
“a vibrating electromagnetic energy field, infused with Consciousness".

Anita Handels,